About us

ETS Racing Fuels branded Dragster

Our Philosophy:  Competitive Innovation

At ETS Racing Fuels, we believe the best way to drive technical innovation is through competition.The racetrack is our innovation lab. We use it to test, experiment, and develop new technologies, products, and solutions that drive our business, our partners and our industry forward.  We use it to develop the formulas to win.

Our Expertise:  Technical Partnership

Winning happens when both machine and fuel are optimized together as a system. ETS Racing Fuels works with teams, manufacturers, tuners, and enthusiasts to help them optimize their engines to get the most out of our fuels. We also have the expertise to develop custom fuels to achieve specific performance goals for manufacturers and race series around the world. 

Our Success:  The Power Behind the Podium

ETS Racing Fuels was forged from the heat of competition nearly 30 years ago — developing purpose-engineered fuel for high-profile teams in highly competitive series. We have been the power behind many podium wins ever since. Teams using ETS Racing Fuels have won more than 50 national and world champion titles and we continue to forge new alliances and partnerships across motorsport. 

Our History: 

1989 – ETS (ESSO Technologies and Services) is founded & development of racing fuels starts

1997 – ETS becomes an independent company

2005 – ETS opens its new production facility in France

2007 – ETS first US subsidiary ETS Racing, Inc. is founded in Charlotte, NC

2014 – ETS is acquired by HCS Group