Delivery of racing fuels: it's all about precise timing

Delivery of racing fuels: it's all about  precise timing

Today's fuels are high-tech products with a continuous need for further development, primarily because engines are becoming better and more efficient. This applies even more to motorsports: high-quality racing fuels are of great importance, because they have to be tailor-made and precisely fit to the specific technical requirements of the different engine types. Delivering fuel must also be a perfect fit - a racing event cannot afford any delays. Read more here about the specific requirements of racing fuel deliveries.

In motorsport, it's all about winning or losing. That is why the engines of racing cars, motorbikes & co. are developed to function within an extremely narrow range of what is technically feasible. The smallest deviations from the planned loads, temperatures and pressures can lead to engine damage. Fuel plays an essential role in the development of high-performance engines, because maximum performance can only be achieved in the perfect interaction between the engine and the racing fuel.

Haltermann Carless has been an essential partner for engine developers and racing teams alike for many years. What customers particularly appreciate is our technology expertise in the field of fuel development paired with our comprehensive knowledge of engine development.

But beyond fuels, other qualities are required in order to stay in the race: safe and well-timed logistics of racing fuel delivery to the end-user as well as comprehensive services around the races play an important role in motorsport.

On-time deliveries to the race track

A motorsport race has very clear rules and these have much to do with reliability and punctuality - from the preparation process, through the qualification trials to the start. Many motorsport championships have mandated that participants use a control fuel. This is a type of fuel that is used by all teams to eliminate competitive advantage that could otherwise come up with varied supply. But, whether it is the large volume required to supply an entire racing series or the small volume required for a single race team, on-time and accurate delivery is an absolute must for race organisers and racing teams alike.

Ensuring consistent, precise fuel delivery can be challenging. Our customers’ race meetings are held worldwide necessitating customs clearance and shipping by truck, ship or plane to guarantee punctual delivery directly to the race track. We can even arrange for delivery directly to a team’s pitbox, garage, or paddock space. In addition, we can provide on-site filling. The logistical requirements for the safe shipping of racing fuels are enormous, but it is a service we provide to our customers every day. 

Racing fuels arrive safely at the motorsport event

Haltermann Carless has successfully demonstrated its capabilities with time-critical logistics requirements in various motorsport events:

  • Thailand Super Series 
  • Curbstone European Track and Test Day 
  • World Motorcross MXGP Championship
  • FIA European Auto-Cross Championship 
  • FIA European Rally Championship
  • World Moto GP Championship
  • World Super Bike Chamionship
  • FIA World Rally Championship
  • MSA British Touring Car Championship 


A reliable fuel supplier offers customised solutions and maximum delivery flexibility to its customers. For example, we can ship our racing fuels in varied sizes, from single 53-liter drums up to 30,000 liters bulk delivery trucks for larger motorsport events.

With our racing fuel brands – ETS Racing Fuels and Carless Hiperflo – we have a long and successful tradition in motorsport and know about the unique needs of teams, drivers, riders and race organisers. In addition to transportation, our customers can also trust our expertise in properly managing worldwide customs challenges. This is the best way to ensure a smooth logistics process.


As a manufacturer of racing fuels, Haltermann Carless offers a customised logistics service for all aspects of fuel shipping - no matter where customers need our racing fuels or where motorsport events are taking place. In doing so, we fulfil the specific requirements and regulations of motorsports. 

Benefit from our comprehensive racing fuels service package: 

  • Production facilities in Europe (France, England) and USA 
  • Delivery directly on site at the race track and team’s pitbox, garage, or paddock space
  • Worldwide transportation including customs clearance
  • Strong worldwide distribution network
  • Direct sales or via local distributors 
  • Delivery options by truck, sea, air
  • Flexible packaging sizes and containers (from 19-liter packs to bulk) 
  • Refueling services during events allows a very safe fuel handling and is an ease for all participants 

Understanding and meeting the needs of customers is a key to success, and our team at Haltermann Carless will help your team perform at its best

We are happy to advise you on our racing fuels, control fuels, bespoke blends and motorsport services.